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Cono Group holds a great multimodal cargo demonstration with new machinery at the Estacion Obispo Trejo

May 13, 2022

Cono Group, the leader company in chickpeas exportation, held an event at the Obispo Trejo train station, which was attended by the company's governing body: Messrs. Andres and Thomas Braun, along with managers and employees from all areas. Also present were the Obispo Trejo's mayor, Silbia Mansilla, as well as the municipal and provincial authorities of Córdoba, customers, suppliers, exporters, and the general public.

Polo Logístico Obispo Trejo (POLOT)

Within the company's strategic plan, the objective of reaching 80,000 tons of annual specialties export remains firm. To achieve this objective, three million dollars were invested in Obispo Trejo to reactivate the transport of cargo by train to the ports, from where the ships depart abroad, generating an economy of scale with productive efficiency and seeking to attract other exporting SMEs of the area.

The recent acquisition of the Kalmar DCF410 crane, or 'DEMETRA' as we named it, finished the third phase of the POLOT project implementation. The goal of the Kalmar DCF410 crane is to streamline operations and maximize productivity. It has a capacity of 41 tons and can stack up to five containers in height from 20 to 40 feet.

“Cono means North Córdoba. From the beginning, Cono wanted to be a source of inspiration. We want to create a competitive and synergistic space for companies dedicated to domestic and foreign trade, logistics, and industry. Therefore, we want to invite everyone who wants to be part of this vision to participate and follow new dreams through this platform.” “For every Argentine buyer, there are 170 abroad. There are no limits to creativity. We want to achieve a weekly train frequency. The train can be lengthened if there is more cargo, but most importantly is to guarantee a high flow of cargo to make the train arrive with more frequency. Hence, the need to generate synergy with other companies.” Andres Braun, President of Cono Group.

New Operative

Cono Group dispatched the fifth shipment of the year, made up of 19 containers that will transport 436 tons of chickpeas and RDKB from Obispo Trejo, Cordoba to England, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Israel, respectively.

During the event held at the Obispo Trejo Train Station, the loading of the last container truck was completed, and the new crane proceeded to close the shipment, thus performing a live demonstration of the company's efficient and sustainable logistics. In four days, the cargo will arrive at the Zárate's port, and each container will travel to its final destination.



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