Globally important, the widely grown soybeans are rich in oil and protein.

Cono Group - for sustainable crop production and more

We are an integrated family-owned agribusiness that grows, sources, processes and exports sustainably grown agricultural products of the highest quality from Argentina. Our journey began in 1979, rearing cattle in the pasture lands of Cordoba province in Argentina. Cono Group has evolved since then and completely transformed the business. Now, every year we plant more than 30,000 hectares of protein-rich pulses, grains and seeds, consistently using sustainable agricultural methods. We are a leading partner in the export of sustainably grown chickpeas, beans and chia seeds, and a leading agribusiness in the region. 

We have our own local processing, storage and distribution facilities and maintain offices in Argentina (Cordoba and Buenos Aires) as well as in Switzerland (Zug). Today, with our staff of more than 100, Cono is proud to provide customers in more than 50 countries worldwide with sustainably grown food products. 

Cono Group has come a long way over the previous four and more decades but while our company has grown and our brand has become internationally recognised, our core values remain true to our Swiss-Argentine heritage. As such, we continue to drive innovation, strive for excellence and act with integrity in all our relationships. Our commitment is to grow premium-grade pulses and edible seeds in the most sustainable way, with full traceability and transparency. We invest in our employees and help to improve the communities we work within.

How we are organised

At Cono, we organise our production, farming and logistics services into two separate units – Cono Agriculture and Cono Trading – under the umbrella of Cono Group. Cono Agriculture's main focus is on the production of sustainably grown specialities and commodities products in Argentina. Cono Trading's prime function is to source and export a wide selection of responsibly grown pulses while offering clients a range of processing and logistics' services. Each unit has its own unique skillset, expertise, and distinct offering - this helps the market to identify its value proposition more clearly. At the same time, operating under the Cono umbrella, both share the company's core values of acting with trust and integrity in all relationships. 

Building a sustainable future

We have created a solid foundation to build sustainable growth in our business. Going forward, our aim is to leverage our leading market position in pulses and our processing and logistics capabilities to further strengthen our position in specialties, particularly in summer pulses. We're passionate about pulses. We see them as essential in helping to close the future protein gap because of their nutritional value and environmental benefits. We're scaling up to meet increased demand by expanding our own production as well as increasing the percentage of pulses and other healthy crops we source from other growers.   

Cono is a leading partner in the export of sustainably grown chickpeas, beans and chia seeds.

At the same time, we also aim to reduce the regional climate risk by having a more seasonal balance of our crop as well as a greater variety. We'll also increase our geographic diversification in terms of sourcing and leasing. We'll optimise our logistic operations and invest in digital capabilities to drive efficiencies, build new customer relationships and enhance our customer experience. 

We, Cono Group, with the Braun family behind it, are excited to take Cono on the next stage of our journey. As a family-owned business, we don't look for short term gains. Instead, we plan for the long-term.  

Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation are changing the way we do our business.

Cono Group: A brief history

Cono is a family-owned company with more than 40 years of history. Over the decades we’ve evolved and transformed the business to adapt to a changing world. 

Who's on our team?

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Where can you find us?

We have Cono teams based in several key locations, both in Argentina and in Switzerland. Regardless of where you are located, our multilingual teams will be happy to help in any way they can.