A solid and trusted partner for agricultural trading and sourcing

In our sourcing and trading business, we connect farmers from Argentina and adjoining countries to customers around the globe, acting as a trusted partner for both parties. As honest brokers, Cono can call on a network of proven suppliers in Argentina and beyond. This makes it easier to help customers who are looking for other, specific agricultural products. We believe in taking a collaborative approach in agricultural trading and sourcing, working with our fellow farmers and international buyers to our mutual benefit.

Sourcing and agricultural trading are the focus of Cono Trading's work.
When growing, harvesting and processing commodities, Cono relies on modern technology.

We support our farmers in growing and selling high quality agricultural products

Cono understands the challenges and rewards of farming in today’s world. We get the hard work, the many decisions – big and small - that have to be made along the way. We also know about the challenge of increasingly unpredictable crop outcomes. That’s why we’re committed to partner with our fellow farmers and growers across the region to help them unlock the potential value of their crops and increase their yield. One way we do this is by offering to purchase both summer and winter crops, providing a year-round outlet.

Cono also offers a variety of crop inputs, such as high-quality seeds, pest management or fertiliser products. Our agronomists provide technical support through the year to help our partners grow not only more profitably and but also more sustainably. Our advice ranges from picking the right seed, to how to rotate the crop and protect the soil, to choosing the right fertiliser in line with soil characteristic and crop nutritional needs. We advise on applying the right crop protection method at the right time to shield the crop from various pests.

As part of our risk management services, Cono offers a variety of financing and sales options. These contracts can be tailored to fit individual risk appetite and cash flow needs, as well as help mitigate against fluctuations in the market. When it comes to harvesting and selling your products, Cono can support growers with processing services and up to date pricing information - key to deciding when to sell your crop! Our domestic and international logistic and export services will ensure your crops arrive at their final destination safely and on time. We’re always keen to reach out to potential partners and encourage local farmers who want to work with us to contact one of the Cono team.

A knowledgeable partner for our international buyers

Cono works with trusted local farmers across all growing regions in Argentina and neighbouring countries to source and supply a wide range of premium quality pulses and specialty crops. Full details of our product offering are in our product section. Our team works closely with growers throughout the year to assess and control the safety and quality of our products. In this way, we ensure we have full transparency and traceability across the process and you, the customer, are assured of receiving the quality you pay for without compromise.

Our customers include local importers, wholesalers, food manufacturers, canning companies, and ingredient suppliers. We understand each client may have specific requirements and we’re experienced at meeting these needs. International buyers can trust us to source the right products for them in our home market while delivering great customer service every step of the way. If you’re a buyer and struggling to source a specific product – and it’s not something we happen to grow ourselves – we’ll gladly help you find what you’re looking for. Contact us today for more information about our agricultural trading and sourcing services.

Cono Trading 

Cono Trading is a family-run agricultural trading business with locations in Switzerland and Argentina. We supply high quality and sustainably grown agricultural products from Argentina to customers in over 50 countries worldwide who value healthy, nutritious food and demand the best. Our focus is on chickpeas, beans and chia seeds, but we are constantly adding new products to our range.