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Cono Group encourages and helps its employees to finish their elementary and secondary studies

April 18th, 2022

For employees to prosper and fulfill themselves in all spheres, Cono Group launched a program so that employees from the plant can complete their elementary and secondary studies.

#ConoEduca aims to create a space so that those employees who have not completed their studies can do so in a shorter time than conventional, complimenting their study schedule with their work activities.

Although we have been working on this initiative for some time, it was finally launched this year thanks to the efforts of HR and the Processing Plant Administration.

Elementary Education

Cono Group has more than 100 employees, of which three will be able to complete their elementary studies through an extraordinary exam that will be taken at the Elementary Level Education Center for Adults (C.E.N.P.A.) in the locality of San José de la Dormida.

To get ready for the exam, the Company hired an elementary level teacher for adults, who will teach the employees within the facilities of Cono Group whit the indicate material.

Secondary Education

On the other hand, eight employees who signed up to complete their secondary studies have already started the course in the Secondary Level Education Center for Adults (CENMA) of the Cañada de Luque. Seven, through face-to-face classes, and one virtually. The course consists of two classes per week, for two hours each. Each student is given the material, according to the different designed modules that, once approved, will allow them to acquire the official bachelor’s degree in Informatic.

For Cono Group, the initiative has very clear benefits. The more educated people are, the greater their chances of adapting to new technologies are, which is very important for a company that is in the middle of a digital transformation stage. In addition, the initiative consolidates training activities that have already been carried out independently.

We congratulate all the employees who joined the initiative, we are very proud of you, and we thank Grad. Gisela Navarro, Coordinator of CENMA of the Cañada de Luque headquarters for her help and everyone who collaborates with the initiative.

The Company

Cono Group is a family agribusiness with strong Swiss roots that grows, sources, processes, and exports agricultural products (seeds and specialties) grown sustainably from Argentina to more than 50 countries. It has offices in Córdoba, Argentina, and Zug, Switzerland.

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