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Launch of new corporate identity and website

October 1, 2020

We thought it was time for a change, so we’ve given our website a makeover and the Cono logo a facelift. It’s not simply change for change’s sake, however. Our business has evolved over the past four decades, but especially in the last few years. In that time, we’ve greatly expanded our product range and our service offerings to clients in Argentina and in the 50 countries where we do business. We wanted the website and logo to reflect the modern identity of the company and our new market presence.

Our redesigned logo is now more overtly geared towards sustainability, and is underlined by the assertion: “Sustainability that grows”. The shape of the logo has a more rounded appearance, the plant figure becoming more of hand shape to symbolise both a protective hand and one that nourishes. The height of the logo has been reduced to create a harmonious and compact image.

Our new website has a fresh and modern look, is easy to navigate and tells you everything you need to know about our range of products and the services that Cono Group is now offering. We’ll be posting informative and readable content from across the Cono Group on a regular basis.

In terms of corporate identity, we are launching a separate sub-brand for our new divisions, Cono Agriculture and Cono Trading, aimed at strengthening their respective market profiles. Affiliation and solidarity with the group of each one is signalled with the addition of ‘Member of Cono Group’. In line with our new market presence, Health Seeds AG, based in Switzerland, will be renamed Cono Trading International AG.

To keep up to date with our product listings, range of services, and all our other Cono news, be sure to check out our website regularly!

What our logo stands for 

We chose the image and typography of Cono to represent the fertility of the area in which we are active. The figurative element suggests a human hand, symbolising the endeavour and aspirations of the people who work the land, plant seeds and wait for harvest.