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Obispo Trejo Logistics Hub project

January 3, 2022

Since mid-2020 we have been developing in the city of Obispo Trejo, Córdoba a Logistics Hub with rail shipments, which connects Córdoba with the port of Zarate and the rest of the world.

The development of the Obispo Trejo logistics hub helps to grow the export of legumes in a scalable and efficient way and it is also an opportunity for sustainable growth.

No trains had operated from Obispo Trejo station for more than fifty years until a test shipment of 600 tons of chickpeas rumbled down the tracks in September last year. The first shipment of 20 containers was successfully exported to Spain, Germany, Italy and Turkey. Further shipments of pulses have followed since then.

This month, we completed the seventh shipment, which transported 29 containers with 646 tons of alubia beans, chickpeas and red dark kidney beans towards France, England, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Belgium and Jordan.

As a result, Cono Group supports its commitment to reduce CO2 emissions and combat global warming while also helping to rewrite local history. We are laying solid and secure foundations with a positive social impact for the entire region.


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